This schedule is a working draft. It is likely to change but gives you a good idea of what we'll cover.

8 - 9:00 - Meet and Greet
9 - 9:45 - Introduction to Drupal 7 Architecture and Requirements - John VanDyk
John will cover the base Drupal requirements, some explicit and some not. He will also give a brief over view of the Drupal 7 Architecture, exposing the guts.

10 - 10:45 - Core Drupal Modules - Michael Hofmockel
Michael will explain the most utilized core modules.

11 - 11:45 - Core API: Hooks, Theming, Menus, and Forms - Michael Hofmockel
Michael will give a glimpse into the endless Core API: Hook, Theme, Menu and Form systems. You will need to continually explore this yourself to become a Drupal Ninja.

Lunch - Served by the Wildwood Lodge (Sponsored by Achieve Internet and Gorton Studios).

1 - 1:45 - What's new in Drupal 7 - Neil Drumm
Neil will help us understand the changes in the release of Drupal 7.

2 - 2:45 - Features and Exportables: Code-Driven Development - Jarod Smith
Developing, Staging and Deploying any database driven application is problematic if you have 3 separate databases. Jarod will present the Features module that automatically turns part of your database into code, solving the database merge problem by adhering to Code-Driven Development.

Break for Caffeine

3 - 3:45 - Front end development - JavaScript and jQuery - Michael Bosworth
There are several books covering JQuery in the context of Drupal like Drupal 6 JavaScript and jQuery but Michael will likely send you right to the root of the matter and recommend JavaScript: The Good Parts

4 - 4:45 - Drupal Security - John VanDyk
John will give an overview of the most common Drupal security attacks how to defend against them. In the meantime, the book Cracking Drupal is a great reference.