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Sorry we are full.

Should you register?

If you are a web developer who wants to learn more about Drupal development best practices from senior Drupal developers then you should register. You might receive one of the over 35 current books that have been donated, free trial of Acquia's Dev Cloud service or other prizes yet to be determined. I will be surprised if everybody doesn't go home with something valuable.


A laptop with a functioning development environment with Drupal 7 preloaded. Experience developing for the web.

Common one-stop dev enviroments:

OS X - MAMP with Drupal specific instructions.
Windows - WAMP with Drupal specific instructions.
Acquia stacks - DAMP - This is perfect for trying out Drupal but might not be the best solutions for the long term.

Internet Access:

Wifi will be available BUT it will likely be insufficient to handle the traffic a room full of developers can generate. We ask that you keep your traffic to a minimum. We will provide discs with all the resources you will need already downloaded.

Why should I register now?

The camp is capped at 65 and will likely fill up within days or hours. Everything is Free and we are giving away tons of good stuff!